About Us

wills1mulisha was created in 2018 by two champion athletes.  David & Audra Wills in Austin Texas

There were a couple ideas behind its creation, 1 - we wanted to support and promote peoples passions.

Whether it be some kind of sport, music, creating, etc.  We want to be part of it and help burn the flames

of that passion.

We have two motto's here.

Living Life To The Max and Grab Life By The Horns!

Get involved with something that gets you out there, living life, that makes your blood flow!  We are behind you.

The second idea behind the creation of the mulisha, having products that are Made In USA!   Its harder than you

might imagine to find products that are actually made here.

We want to embrace those companies that are making things here.  Is everything on our store Made In USA, No, but someday

it will be.

So we would love to welcome you to the Uprising!   Its not just a statement....its a lifestyle!   HAVE FUN!